The manufacturing process of paper bags cheap

Producing cheap paper bags should have the prestige unit, we will introduce a number of processes to produce paper bags beautiful and good printing.

Cheap paper bags, good and easy printing of images using the company brand marketing. Plain paper bag gift bag design based on identity systems to create uniformity, selected materials are completely paper can influence the specifications of printing and processing.

* Some models point to paper bags
- Application color accents create brand
- Information related to clean, easy to find
- Do not use raster image
- Background and edges carefully filled bags

- Couches: paper has two sides smooth, soft and bright white. Quantitative around 90-300g / m2
- Duplex: A similar surface material remaining paper Couche darker side. Couche cheaper paper. Usually larger quantitative 300g / m2
- Kraft: Paper is produced from 100% recycled materials, low cost. Pale yellow, hygroscopic fine. Weighing from 70 - 250g / m2. Kraft matching products high environmental friendliness, it is also known as recycled paper bags.

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