Expert guidance select vegetables and fruit safety

Head of Food Safety Management Protection of Plant City, Nguyen Thi Le Thoa guide selection of vegetables, fruit safe.

Tet, the demand for vegetables and fruits increased. Therefore, some subjects using banned chemicals, plant protection products on the list for vegetables grow, beautiful to gain illicit profits, even the health of consumers.

To protect your health, consumers should take the following instructions of Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Thoa, Head of Food Safety Management Protection of Plant City, when choosing to buy vegetables , fruit.

The origin and form of display

■ Choose products that have been sourced from units certified qualified production and processing of vegetables, fruit safety or VietGAP certificates (certificates of conformity with other GAP).

■ Choose products with packaging vegetables, container, clean sinh.Tren leash packaging or labels attached directly to each product must contain at least the information of manufacturers, suppliers.

■ Should food choices where reputable suppliers. Choose fresh foods, not crushed.

Selection of seasonal vegetables

■ Dry season contamination risks pesticide residues in vegetables would be higher than the rainy season.

■ Choose vegetables in the main season is the time of a normal crop growth, fewer pests and diseases, resulting in the number of times using pesticides and less fertilizer.

■ In the reverse case, to achieve high productivity must use pesticides and fertilizers more animals, so vegetables are likely to have pesticide residues, chemical fertilizers exceed permissible limits.
Selection in the form of external

■ For leaf vegetables: Do not pick green greens too dark, too smooth, glossy leaves that should choose a light blue seems normal vegetables.

■ Vegetables for tops (sweet potatoes, spinach, gourds sprout): Do not buy greens with tops reaching out too long. If not used immediately to buy the next day to reach the tops of vegetables will add a section from 5-10 cm.

■ vegetables (broccoli, cabbage ...): When purchasing original parts so horizontal break, if there is water from the body secretes the vegetables were too much nitrogen fertilizer, does not guarantee the isolation time, function of nitrate in vegetables is very high. If for more than 12 hours are more prone to waterlogging brown, do not buy.

■ spinach: Do not buy vegetables bunch stalks wider than usual, crunchy vegetables, dark green leaves, looked inclined upper surface of the leaves are glossy and lush vegetables. When this vegetable broth to cool, blue water will turn into black and black precipitate suspension; he eats, if we realize that observant acrid taste.

■ Vegetable squash (tops and leaves of pumpkin): Do not buy greens with long tops, spacing apart slang (tops stretched), hand stalk fat and short, less fluff, light blue tops secrets , dark green leaves ...

■ Vegetables need: Seeing yourself to vegetables, vegetables looked pale, wilted vegetables quickly, do not buy. If so until the next day, the vegetables wilt, dry body worn wrinkled again, when cooking leaves turn dark green vegetables.

■ For the vegetables: Do not pick the fruit is large, but the left has chosen just the right size or slightly smaller. Do not pick the fruit skin and cracks stretch along the body, the

left green leather ball.

■ The types of legumes (including beans, beans, peas, beans ...): Do not select the left when looking left greasy, less fluff ...

Wash vegetables:

■ First pick up the yellow leaf, leaf worms, cut roots, washed soil, sand, mud stick. Then thoroughly soak vegetables in salt water dilution (1 teaspoon salt to the pot about 10 liters of water), or water mixed less potassium permanganate, rinse vegetables ... about 20-30 minutes. Continue repeatedly until the water is clear.

■ For vegetables like kelp wealth, cabbage ... should cut the stem, leaf dismantled then soaked in salt water dilution of 20-30 minutes. Then thoroughly wash each leaf, especially in the leaves thoroughly under running water at least 3 times before being put into further processing. The small vegetables like spinach branch ... to be washed several times, then rinse small bundles by holding hands under running water.

■ the purchase of fruit vegetables should not be eaten immediately but left then wash each plastic wrap in the refrigerator, eat after 2 days. The need to eat fruits and vegetables, thoroughly soaked in salt water to dilute, and then washed before eating.

■ root vegetables should be washed before soaking with diluted salt water, then peel and rinse again.

Vegetable processing:

■ Use a variety of vegetables in your diet, the day of the week to avoid poisoning from eating too much a vegetable, but also to ensure proper nutritional requirements.

■ For vegetables tops should hang the burner because this place rich in plant protection products.

■ When boiled, fried, cooked up the lid flipped out for pesticides (if any) are also flying off out.

Source: Tran Ngoc record-Laws online.

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